What size storage unit do I need?


108 Sq Ft
Typically Holds: One average-sized bedroom apartment with other furniture and boxes, or about a 15' moving truck
$85/ mo
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252 Sq Ft
Typically Holds: Three Bedroom house with furniture, appliances, and many boxes, or about a 26' moving truck. It is like a large one-car garage.
$35/ mo
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384 Sq Ft
ypically Holds: Two Average sized cars, Most boats, most trailers, a complete four or five bedroom house with appliances and a lot of extra space.
$225/ mo
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432 Sq Ft
This is probably the largest unit you will find on the market without getting into warehousing. It is larger than a typical two-car garage, but slightly smaller than a three car garage. It should fit most boats, cars, trucks, or about four 15' moving trucks.
$260/ mo
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Protect Your Belongings with Storage Units in Blair Township and Traverse City, MI

When you have more belongings than you have space, you require a robust solution that focuses on security and protection. Vortex Self Storage is your premium storage unit rental provider offering service in Blair Township and Traverse City, MI. We feature a range of self-storage units to cater to any need, and provide affordable rates that fit within any budget. Whether you are clearing out your attic, basement or garage, or you require off-site storage of vehicles, important documents and more, our cheap storage units for rent are the perfect option.

Small and Large Self Storage Units for Any Purpose

At Vortex Self Storage, we feature large storage units in Blair Township and Traverse City, MI that can fit even the largest vehicles or boats. Our self-storage units range in size from 9×12’ to 12×36’, allowing you to store items from a single room of your home up to the whole household. Our furniture storage units protect your items until you are ready to use them again. We also offer business storage units so that you can ensure that your important company documents and other items are always protected.

Find Out More About Our Discount Storage Units in Blair Township and Traverse City, MI Today

If you are looking for an outstanding storage solution in Blair Township or Traverse City, MI, you can count on Vortex Self Storage. For more, call us today at (231) 941-0707.